The Interstate Screen Saver

September 25, 2008

6 Responses to “The Interstate Screen Saver”

  1. Lion Kimbro Says:

    I think this is a really awesome idea;

    The only question I have is, “How do you deliver all that data?”

    Perhaps a slow background screen, torrented about the Internet?

  2. craigrmeyer Says:

    Excellent question. It would have to be some kind of slow download/torrent situation. So, unfortunately, if someone were to pay his money (or whatever) and then hit “go,” it wouldn’t be able to go for more than a few minutes before saying “Out of data, come back later.” But whatever, life goes on. After just the first week or so it’ll be good to go.

    OTOH, someday we’ll have super-violet-ray DVD’s that hold like 100GB each, in which case we’ll be able to buy it that way.

    And I just this instant thought about how the sounds of travel would be neat too, and only add like 1% to the storage space requirements.

    There’s something about how a screen saver is all about INACTIVITY, and then twisting that around into the experience of GOING SOMEWHERE. There’s something downright artistic about this.

    When I brainstorm other trips that might be interesting, I get things like:
    o Manhattan -> Santa Monica (already mentioned)
    o Lisbon -> Moscow -> ??? (already mentioned)
    o Beijing -> Shanghai -> the Karakoam highway from China to Pakistan.
    o A train trip across Alaska and Canada.
    o A low-altitude cross-country flight in a small plane.
    o A low-altitude circling of Los Angeles county AT NIGHT.
    o A drive from Kuwait city to Bagdhad in an Army Humvee.
    o A raft trip down the Mississippi/Yangze/Yellow/Pearl/Ganges/Nile river.

    Dude, it’s like a whole medium.

  3. craigrmeyer Says:

    Who do we know who’s a torrent expert? Like, who helps people integrate torrents into greater applications?

  4. Debra-Mistrss of Useless Ideas-Buller Says:


    I love this idea, but NOT on the interstate. This should be the back roads, the by-ways. Think Route 66, funky two lane travel, places still owned by moms and pops along the road side.

    We took a few road trips in the day, and we usually got off the interstate because looking at the a@@ end of an 18 wheeler for hours on end just isn’t all that inspiring.

    I like the idea of bike helmet cam cross country trips, sort of like those crazy bike messenger videos except without the stupidity.

    -Just two cents from a chick who still takes the road less traveled.

  5. craigrmeyer Says:

    Of course. Where no one drives anymore anyway. Now it’s scenic and special as well. Smart smart.

  6. Craig R Meyer Says:

    Hi Craig

    Stumbled upon your blog purely because we not only share the same name, but also the initial of your second name. Doppelganger? Its quite bizarre because we share the same interests, as far as computers, and the search for the perfect-built computer. I am in South Africa.

    A screensaver of crazy adventure routes, like down the amazon, up himalayas, with running audio commentary for the supreme armchair specialists, or the sick and injured…. potential?

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