SkypeBot, a video telephone appliance

October 9, 2008

This would sure help us include people in meetings when they’re far away.  Further, it helps someone “take a look at something” from afar.

UPDATE: It occurs to me now that instead of the robot arms, which are great but horribly impractical, it instead have the screen on a super-quick motorized pan (left/right), tilt (up/down) AND rotation (leaning to left/right) control, so that all the ways one can move his head around is translated into the screen’s movement.  That’s a whole lot of expression right there, and it could theoretically be controlled via pattern-recognition wizardry on the picture of the person’s face.  That can work.

Oh yeah, and a motorized laser pointer, so the remote person can reach out and point to stuff: that button right THERE.

One Response to “SkypeBot, a video telephone appliance”

  1. craigrmeyer Says:

    Ha! Look at this! No screen, but you can drive it around remotely!

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