The very best way to spend $15,000

November 23, 2008

Travel dammit.  The Big One.  The Not Yet Married Long Haul.  Seven or eight months should about do it.  Before I split, I’ll bum around UW and find some scholars show me how to write, in the language of each country on my itinerary:

“Hello from USA!  I’m sorry I can’t speak [the language], but I would still very much enjoy and appreciate being shown around and learning what I can about you.”

That way, I can set up little signs everywhere I go and see who bites.  Q: Who?  A: Somebody.

o Seattle -> Dusseldof Germany, Der Vaterland for yours truly (cheap seats ~$700)

o Krakow Poland

o Prague & Brno Czech Republic

o Bratislava Slovakia

o Vienna Austria (pack tuna fish, apples and crackers in Bratislava and don’t spend a dime there.)

o Kiev Ukraine (Ukrainian Aviation Museum!)

o Moscow (Red Square!  Russian Aviation Museum! Trans-Siberian Railroad!)

o Omsk

o (RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussia…)

o Beijing & Shanghai China (biggest container port in the world!)

o Wuhan, Chengdu, sore butt, B.F.E. China…

o Laos (Mekong river boat to…)

o Camboia (Angkor Wat motherfucker!)

o Thailand (“Hellooooo tall cowboy handsome man!”)

o (cheap flight to) Calcutta India, up the Ganges, hello Armritsar

o Nepal (Teahouse trekking in the Himalayas!  Hiking without camping!  Yes!)

o USA (get a job, find love, get married, have babies, tell them stories, listen to The Eagles, mow the lawn.)

2 Responses to “The very best way to spend $15,000”

  1. craigrmeyer Says:

    The largest wheeled Pelican case that can be checked onto an airline:

    Hoo yeah!

  2. ekpaulson Says:

    Years ago I had an unexpectedly long layover in Costa Rica (on my way to Buenos Aires) and I got in a cab and asked him to entertain me for the afternoon. He took me to a local place for lunch (he paid!), drove me around, and seemed happy with a $20 payment when I was returned to the airport. I enjoyed myself, but in retrospect I was completely at the mercy of this stranger who could easily have extorted more money from me (No! I will not return you to the airport until you pay more!)

    While I believe in the kindness of almost all people, I also believe in preparing for things to go wrong.

    If I were going to undertake your proposed grand adventure, I would want to have a plan for what I would do if I were robbed and left stranded on the side of the road. Some things I would prepare — hide a stash of money and an extra credit card somewhere on my person, memorize my credit card phone number(s), scan in my identity documents in such a way that I could print a copy of them from a library or internet cafe, and have pre-arranged “check-in” times to call people at home.

    It would also be a shame if you did not keep a journal on such a journey.

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