Web port of GNU “units”

March 8, 2009

Sometimes I need to convert units on the go (you think I’m kidding?).  But, all the iPhone unit-converting programs are B.S. kid stuff.  Ergo, this here:


Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2


9 Responses to “Web port of GNU “units””

  1. Peter Boothe Says:

    I almost hate to do this to you … but Google will do this for you.

  2. craigrmeyer Says:

    This is hilarious. But!

    It can’t do:

    acre 2000 miles / (50 miles/gallon)


    ft2 liters

    …so there!

  3. Peter Boothe Says:

    I’m pretty sure the answer is:
    (2000 (acres * miles)) / (50 (miles / US gallon)) = 6 595 701.49 feet * feet * liters

  4. Peter Boothe Says:

    Here’s a tinyurl of the above: http://tinyurl.com/bbdtzx

  5. ekpaulson Says:

    One thing I like about gnu “units” is the ability to define constants and new units. Maybe you could allow some sort of wiki addition of new units and constants to your web version.

  6. Sarah Watkins Says:

    I love that you care about conversion to feet squared per liter.

  7. craigrmeyer Says:

    Feed CUBED per liter! Phillistine!

  8. Mark Whitis Says:

    Web version, Fails on this calculation of the weight of a rod of 6061 aluminum:
    units pi*1.5inch^2*3inch*0.098pounds/in^3 kg

    Use the real thing to see the answer.

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