Craig’s video resume!

March 25, 2009

These videos add up to 60 minutes.  No one has time for that!

Instead, just pick one that looks interesting and watch a couple minutes.  That’s all you need.  My resume is the “hard stuff,” and these videos give you an idea of “what I’m like.”

  • Myers-Briggs personality type: Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving (“INTP”)
  • Gallup strengths survey: Learner, Focus, Input, Analytical, Achiever

–Craig Meyer, (206) 669-6496,

  1. Introduction and “table of contents”
  2. What I’m looking for job-wise: Product development, aerospace/avionics, solar/wind power, and marine engineering
  3. My strengths, skills and talents
  4. What I need from management
  5. BS Engineering Harvey Mudd College (1993-1997)
  6. Electronics and thermal engineering for the NASA Centurion at Aerovironment (1997-1999)
  7. Web development at and math/science tutoring (1999-2002)
  8. Founding and growing Factory-scale automated audio digitization. (2002-2009)
  9. ParaTow: A scheme for propelling ships by wind power alone (my hobby)
  10. DETAILS: Electronics/avionics for the NASA Centurion
  11. DETAILS: Thermal engineering for the NASA Centurion
  12. What I’m doing right now

1: Introduction and “table of contents”

2: What I’m looking for job-wise

Product design, product development and industrial design look really good to me.  I’m very good at coming up with a concept for something and prototyping it to demonstrate that concept. That’s really my key thing.

I’m also good with electronics (and avionics in particular) thanks to my experience with electronics design/packaging and also thermal engineering at Aerovironment, my first job out of college.

I’m also interested in marine engineering, like shipbuilding and the design of various underwater doohickeys.

3: My strengths, skills and talents

  • Communication
  • Research and learning
  • Conceptualization
  • Creativity
  • Prototyping
  • Electronics design and packaging
  • Thermal engineering

4: What I need from management

I call it “the privilege of focus.”  I do my very best when I have just one problem at a time.

This means that I need management.  I appreciate how important and hard this is now, but that doesn’t make me a master.

Also, I want to get my Masters Degree, and maybe someday a PhD.  It’ll take a while, but I still want it.  I’ve been accepted to the Aeronautics and Astronautics graduate school here at UW and hope to take one or two classes at a time.  If  I move for my new job I’ll have to establish residency in my new state and re-apply for the nearby university.  ‘And I will if I have to.

5: BS Engineering, Harvey Mudd College (1992-1997)

6: Electronics and thermal engineering at Aerovironment for the NASA Centurion (1997-1999)

I did electronic and thermal engineering, design and testing for the NASA Centurion, a solar-powered UAV. It was quite a job because the Centurion had to function in some vary different regimes:

  • In the hot, thick still air on the Edwards Air Force Base dry lake bed.
  • In the thin but super-duper cold (~100 deg F!) air at the “tropopause” layer around 50,000ft.
  • In the even-thinner but warmer air at 100,000ft, the Centurion’s target altitude.

So this wasn’t just about designing electronic circuits and thermal-management contraptions, but figuring out how to affordably test them as well.  No matter how awesome my ideas were, if we couldn’t test them, they weren’t possible.

7: Web development at and math & science tutoring (1999-2002)

8: Founding and growing  Automated audio digitization (2002-2009)

I started Reclaim Media when I was still tuturing.  I wanted a way to make some money at home.

I figured out how to automate making CDs and MP3 files from cassettes and records.

Reclaim Media is all about integration, making a system out of various parts that were never intended to work together:

  • Computer-controlling tape decks.
  • Computer-controlling record turntables.
  • Custom GUI software for data entry and finding track points.
  • Auto-typesetting what’s printed on the CDs and DVDs.
  • Scripting the full-auto robotic burning and printing of our (always one-off) CDs and DVDs.
  • UPS and USPS logistics integration.
  • Integrating our factory with the web store.
  • (whew!)

It’s really a factory.  A factory for digitizing cassette tapes and records.  Hundreds a day.

9: ParaTow: A scheme for propelling ships by wind power alone (my hobby)

ParaTow is an idea/invention/scheme I have for a way to pull ships across the ocean under wind power alone.  I’m very excited about it!

I’m putting together a plan for making a small-scale kayak-pulling demonstrator “in my spare time.”

10: DETAILS: Electronics for the NASA Centurion at Aerovironment

11: DETAILS: Thermal Engineering for the NASA Centurion at Aeroviroment

12: What I’m Doing Right Now

Thanks for watching this!  I hope we have something to talk about.

–Craig Meyer

2 Responses to “Craig’s video resume!”

  1. There is no way you’re an INTP vs ENTP 😛

  2. Ray Dixon Says:

    I enjoyed this, Craig. Muncie, Indiana = outlaws and truck drivers.

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