“There’s your daddy!”

June 11, 2009

A tear-jerking vignette yesterday as I walked across a public park to a barbecue with my church buddies:

I had driven straight there from my second (!!!) job interview at the surprisingly interesting Sea Bird Electronics in Bellevue WA, and was thus regaled in my rarely-seen “interview costume” of beige J-Crew “fancy pants”, button-down green shirt and black shoes.

I walked past a rather-scruffy group of adults, plus an innocent blonde boy of about five, worse for wear and barbecuing themselves nearby.  One of the men called out:

“There’s your daddy, Zach, hahahaha!”

…and the boy looked up at me, and around at the chuckling adults, bewildered… and I slowly figured out what they were teasing him for (not knowing who his Dad is, and by extension never getting to know)… and wanted to cry.  Or better yet, punch somebody and adopt him.

One Response to ““There’s your daddy!””

  1. robbbbbb Says:

    Amen, brother. Anyone who can be cruel to a five year old isn’t much of a human being.

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