I’m going to Krakow Poland this Sunday!

June 20, 2009

On the first of July, my Dad comes to Portland/Seattle for some visiting and a folk music festival, along with of course I’ll be coming.  After that, on Monday July 6th, I start my new job at Sea Bird Electronics and turn back into a working stiff.

So… um… crap, this is my chance to travel!

So Krakow Poland it is, ‘cuz why not?  It was that or Istanbul Turkey, and I basically flipped a coin.

So, anybody been there?  What should I make sure to see and do?

The short list:

  • Auschwitz Death Camp (‘cuz those were my people, you know… the Germans I mean)
  • perhaps a side-trip to Brno Czech, which has a pretty bitchin reputation
  • The Polish Aviation and Engineering museums
  • __________
  • __________
  • __________

One Response to “I’m going to Krakow Poland this Sunday!”

  1. Rif Hutchings Says:

    There’s this old salt mine where they’ve carved sculptures out of, you guessed it, salt. I consider it the highest expression of halide-based media in Eastern Europe.

    The castle district was fun, as these things go. I seem to remember a fire-breathing dragon.

    The central market square (Rynek Glowny?) is sort of the hub of all sorts of public activity, including food, shops, and any festivals/whatever that happen to be going on.

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