Working Stiff

July 7, 2009

Hooo man, is having a Real Job different from… not.

I started my tenure at Sea Bird Electronics today, and am continually bewildered and impressed by all the things that it takes to make a Real Deal Business.  Wow.

(Krakow Poland was neat as well, but I’m just too beat to go into it now.  Later.  This getting up at 6 to be at work on time is bullshit!)

3 Responses to “Working Stiff”

  1. robbbbbb Says:

    So, do you guys have any openings? Preferably, for someone with a chemistry degree and experience in the wood products business?

  2. craigrmeyer Says:

    Not that I know of, Robbbb. I’m so sorry you’re in the situation where you have to ask. But there’s a “careers” page on the website, and it’s a small-enough company that it’s usually current:

    That’s all I really have for you just now.

    Hm. The wood business… making things out of wood… hm.

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