Offshore LNG receiving

August 18, 2009

Well look at that.  Some rich yodels thought they could receive LNG (liquified natural gas) in Chesapeake Bay, got shot down by people freaking out about safety, and have come back with a proposal that certainly strikes me as much more sensible.

Idea: Receiving and gasifying LNG from a floating platform to keep people on shore out of blast radius

Idea: Receiving and gasifying LNG from a floating platform N miles from shore to keep land-dwelling humans out of a terrorist's/accident's blast radius

So how about that.

I’ve heard of water desalination schemes working the same way, so that the only fixed and non-repo’able asset is the tube going out to the plant.  The Russians have been pumping such a form factor for floating nuclear power plants for some time as well.

I do think it’s kinda spooky, though, how essential utilities are creeping out into privately-owned floating offshore assets that can be yanked (perhaps not legally, but logistically) at a moment’s notice.  Not that it isn’t fair, just tenuous.  Mega-economies on the installment plan.

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