Wireless telephone headsets = The Bomb

January 22, 2010
Nothing earth-shattering today, but I wanted to share this:

I just got one of these $400 wireless headsets at work:

It’s the super-duper-s#$t because it has this button on it that activates a mechanical “lifter”.  The lifter is a motorized doodad that you stick onto your deck telephone that physcially picks up the handset from the telephone, thus pretending to be a person answering the phone.

That and the sound is so good that no one knows you’re using a headset.  And it works like 200 feet away.  For ten hours.

So yeah, anyway, its’ one of those things I don’t know how I lived without.  If you do a lot of telephone stuff (not with your bluetooth/cellphone anyway), then I recommend it.

(Surely we have people at the church who do nothing but talk to people on the telephone about questions, crises, etc.  I think of them first.)


One Response to “Wireless telephone headsets = The Bomb”

  1. Amy Says:

    A lot of ppl where I work have these, but I’m not a big fan because they wander all the way to my desk while talking on the phone and I’d rather they stay tethered!

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