Dinner guest acquisition service

February 21, 2011

This probably sounds horrible of me, but I have this “problem”:

I got this bitchin’ new Crock Pot that will let me actually prepare actual decent food for me and 1-4 other people.

But, it is the acquisition of these people that makes this complicated.

That is, I have a list of friends who I appreciate and admire who I’d like to invite to evening X, but I’m not actually very picky about WHICH 1-4 of them show up.

Ergo, I’d appreciate some sort of service or convention/method for how one invites N people to something, and takes the first M to respond and commit.


3 Responses to “Dinner guest acquisition service”

  1. Jacques Says:

    I’ve done this before by emailing a large group of people, telling them I have N seats available, and promising them to the first N people (and/or their guests) who commit, then send follow-up emails as needed to update people on who’s coming so far and how many spots are left (typically 0). I always either give a firm date and time or a short list of possibilities; in the latter case, I tell people to specify which times are unacceptable when replying, and choose a final time based on the replies and my own preferences. If people later back out (not uncommon in my experience), I’ll contact whoever was next on the list and ask if they’re still interested.

    Not very Web 2.0, I know.

  2. craigrmeyer Says:

    But it works, right?

  3. Jacques Says:

    It totally works!

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