“f.lux” time-of-day computer color compensator

February 23, 2011

Here’s something I’m having a great time with and recommend to everybody:


The theory is that we’re only “designed” to see blue-color light during the day, before sunset, because the sun is the only source of blue light in nature, as opposed to sunsets, campfires, etc.  Also, according to The Scientists, blue is the last color that animals evolved the ability to see, and also the hardest to focus on.  FYI, red was the first color that animals evolved the ability to see beyond black-and-white because that’s the color of blood, ripe berries and whatnot.  Doggies are still like this.

Anyway, the problem is that computers don’t know what time it is and keep blasting out the blue light well into the night.  This makes it hard to sleep because your eyes are telling your brain/hormones that it’s still noon.

(Note how ambient-lit devices like Amazon Kindles dodge this problem because they don’t put out any light of their own.)

This utility fixes that.  It knows where you are geographically, and you tell it what kind of lighting you have inside your place.  It then fiddles with your colors to make the screen “match up”.  So for me, with tungsten lights at home, past sunset the screen looks yellowish/reddish, making it surprisingly easy to look at.

I, for one, dig it like crazy, because it makes it much easier to go to sleep after looking at the MacBook at night.  In two or three years I expect all iPhones, iPads and Macs to do this natively.

(Act like you know.)

2 Responses to ““f.lux” time-of-day computer color compensator”

  1. Rose Says:

    I just downloaded f.lux. I love it already!

  2. […] was checking out my friend Craig’s blog today and found a post about f.lux. It is a program that changes the color temperature of a computer screen depending on […]

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