Master-Slave iPhone/iTouch

April 11, 2011

I’d like to have an iPhone and an iTouch that are “married” and work together in a certain way:

They look alike and work alike, but only the iPhone is the real thing.  The iTouch is just a “dumb terminal” and doesn’t “know” or “do” anything on its own.  In electronics parlance, the iPhone the “master” and the iTouch is the “slave”, communicating with the iPhone over Bluetooth such that:

  • Its screen looks exactly like the iPhone’s screen
  • Pushing its button also pushes the iPhone’s button
  • Touching its screen also touches the iPhone’s screen
  • Talking into its microphone also talks into the iPhone’s microphone
  • Its speaker plays what’s coming out of the iPhone’s speaker

So it’s a glorified clone, really.  This way I could take notes, look things up, etc., while talking to someone on my iPhone.  I probably wouldn’t even need to know which is which.

(As for which microphone to listen to on a phone call, it would probably just go with whichever device I pushed “answer” on.)

I know that Steve Wozniak has two iPhones, so that he can do nearly exactly this, but of course it means two different AT&T accounts and having to somehow sync them all the time.  ‘Which isn’t horrible, but it’s not super-slick like this could be.

(Come to think of it, this would be much more doable on Android.)

2 Responses to “Master-Slave iPhone/iTouch”

  1. I often have the same problem, but you do realize that the device that you’re talking on then becomes nothing more than a $229 bluetooth headset?

    I feel like the real problem to solve is the “I look like I’m hearing voices and talking back to them” problem you get with headsets and headphones. Maybe what you want is a bluetooth *hand*set that you can easily carry around with you.

    I’m partial to the idea of one you can wear as a bracelet that doubles as a watch when it’s on your wrist, but maybe that’s just because I came up with the idea:

    • craigrmeyer Says:

      I’m such a tool sometimes. Yes, absolutely. A Bluetooth headset effects this.

      And yes, I also like your idea of a Bluetooth HANDset that you hold up to your ear as if it were another cell phone. I imagine that it could be iPhone/iTouch-shaped as well, only thinner maybe. I can imagine a special super iPhone case that keeps them together, such that the handset snaps/magnets off of the main body. Hmm.

      Of the iPhone itself has, I understand, the very best noise-cancellation programming known to man, but perhaps that’ll be a commodity in time.


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