Auto-web-uploading digital camera

April 19, 2011

I want a DSLR or point-and-shoot digital camera that automatically, via wifi, uploads every picture it takes to some password-protected web photo database, broken down like by day.

Dangit, doesn’t this exist? ‘The heck!

5 Responses to “Auto-web-uploading digital camera”

  1. Carl Coryell-Martin Says:

    Buy and any camera that supports SD and you are there:

    (or one of the more expensive models)

  2. Carl Coryell-Martin Says:

    It does exists.

    Buy this and any camera that supports SD:

    (or a more expensive model if you like shooting RAW)

    • craigrmeyer Says:

      Sheesh! Of course. The embarrassing thing is that I even knew about Eye-Fi cards already. I should have assumed that they’d have figured this out by now.

      Let me guess: With Picasa/Flickr I can make an account members-only, visible to only such-and-such people?

      • Carl Coryell-Martin Says:

        eye-fi integrates with pretty much every online photo sharing thingy ever. one of them will do exactly what you want.

  3. Peter Boothe Says:

    Totally does exist, in the form of wi-fi enabled SD and CF cards.

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