April 19, 2011

I’d like some critique, please.

I find myself wanting a service where I upload a JPG/GIF/PDF/whatever, pick a couple options (speed, size, captions), and pay a little money.  The company prints it in color and mails it to me an hour or so later.

(A cool gimmick would be to calculate the actual amount of toner/ink required by analyzing the picture itself, and charging only that.)

By “color” I at first was only thinking about a good color laser printing on decent/glossy “brite” paper, like the really fancy stuff that costs a nickel a sheet.  Because really, the new color laser printers are awesome.

It would only make sense to also offer photo printing on a fancy inkjet.  However, I’ve learned why photo printing is much more expensive:

  • Photo inkjet ink is more expensive.
  • Photo paper is more expensive.
  • Photo paper is heavier (more postage)
  • Photo paper requires a stiffer/more-durable envelope (more expensive packaging, still more postage)

Besides, already does inkjet photo printing pretty much at-cost already.

So when it comes to offering something cheaper and pretty-decent, it’s all about the color laser.

The site could also up-sell stuff like picture frames, supplies for hanging/sticking to the wall, etc.

It’s so simple that it’s kinda retarded, really, but I would have used it by now if I had the chance.  Instead, I just use the color laser at work and sneak stuff home in stolen Fedex mailers.  Still, if I had a way to get it all done without getting up from my chair then I would have gone for it by now.


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