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October 17, 2008

This is good and easy.  Very good and very easy.

Procure the following:

1: A medium-sized pot (big enough to cram a flat volleyball into).

2: Two eggs.

3: Various root vegetables like a potato, beet and carrot.

4: Something green and leafy if you’re feeling noble.

Wash and chop up the roots and put them with the eggs and an inch or so of water to boil.

Take one shower and shave.

Tear up the green and leafies and drop them in to steam-like.

Get dressed.

Turn off stove.  Pour the now-sweet hot veggie-water into a coffee mug.  Cool the eggs in a bowl under the kitchen faucet.  Mix salt, pepper and butter into the rest.  Peel the eggs and dump them in.  Whammo.

Sandwich camouflage to make it unattractive to lunch thieves.

September 16, 2008

Let’s hear it for standards again.  I wish it were my idea, but nope.  Give it up.

Tubewich! My first food invention

September 2, 2008

I’ve been into this one for years now.  Sandwiches are the cleanest fast food there is, plus they don’t need to be expensive.  The right fillings and the right bread and whammo, that’s a nice little meal.  However, it’s hard to walk around eating one (or at least not a good one).  So, here’s a way to eat a submarine sandwich with one hand and not make a mess.

Somehow, via some food-science wizardry, one makes this floored cylinder of bread that’s crusty on the outside and inside surfaces.  Ergo, the various liquids inside (mayo, oil & vinegar, pesto, etc) don’t instantly soak into the bread and get it all soggy and gross.

With a flat-ish bottom one could set it down.  Further, one could wrap the bottom half in wax paper and set it down in his car’s cup holder, which would probably make the thing wildly profitable.  (Apocalyptically so, perhaps, since having people eat more and more meals while walking or driving isn’t exactly the recipe for utopian perfection, but hey, get it while you can.)


(Friday May 1st 2009 addendum)

Behold what someone observed in Italy one day:


Pretty close!  Conical instead of cylindrical, but still.